Welcome to the CitiBus Card Reloading and Account Register Site.

Please create a new account on this new CitiBus Card Reloading and Account Register Site, your past card information will be shown on this new site once you create a new account and register your cards. Be aware that if you have reloaded your smartcard on the previous website, you’ll need to bring your smartcard to the GTC or City Hall to have the fare product you purchased to be loaded on your smartcard.

This site is to check the balance and reload the CitiBus Card for users that already own a card. If you already have a CitiBus Card and you are already registered, please input your user name and password. If you own a CitiBus Card but have not yet registered on this site, please sign up first so you can proceed.

If you do not have a CitiBus Card yet and need more information, please visit www.citidbus.com for fare rates, fare card information, and purchase locations.